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The Duality of Retail: Managing Multi-Channel

Posted by Andy Catterick on Apr 27, 2017 12:51:09 PM


Nearly every week there is a catchy headline or an analyst’s insight on the future of retail and the death of brick and mortar. With a common discourse of the Amazon effect being to blame, it’s about time there was a conversation around the value of both brick and mortar and online channels. They both have value and attract a similar audience, and yet they offer different and uniquely valuable experiences. The question remains, ‘how do I leverage maximum value from each channel and how do they work with each other?


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Top 3 Ways to Save on Product Photography

Posted by Brit Bennett on Apr 18, 2017 8:58:32 AM


When it comes to product photography, some companies will choose to do their product shots in-house or outsource the work to their agency of record, even if that agency does not contain a photography studio. Both are cost-effective options in most cases when working with a start-up or when shooting a small set of products.


If there are only a few items to shoot, this can be accomplished outside of a photo studio with as little as a DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) camera and a light box. Sometimes, with the right camera and the right lighting, even up to 50 products can be shot well this way. But how do you scale a photo shoot when the product line has over 500 items? And what if each of those 500 items requires multiple views? The amount of shots needed can grow exponentially at a rapid rate, making it increasingly complicated and risky to take on in-house.

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When Awesome Product Photography Goes Awry

Posted by Brit Bennett on Apr 11, 2017 5:00:00 AM

I love my Stepdad, we are very close. It was his birthday last month and I knew that my Mom got him a new Apple Watch so I thought buying him some watch bands would complement her gift nicely. My budget was $100 and I started my search by shopping online for a black leather band.

My first visit was to apple.com. The classic black leather band they offer retails for $149, more than I wanted to spend. So I went over to Amazon where the majority of black leather bands were only $20, suspiciously inexpensive in comparison to Apple. Overwhelmed with options and concerned the quality of the $20 leather bands would be poor, I left Amazon and started searching Google for "best Apple watch bands" and that's how I found this: 

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How To Set Up Your Product Shoot Like a Boss

Posted by Brit Bennett on Mar 16, 2017 1:11:13 PM

Consistency is Key 

Getting the right product shots for your e-commerce site can be challenging, but when done correctly, they can dramatically increase your sales revenue online. So what differentiates good product photography from bad product photography? The key is consistency. 
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Ivey Taps Accomplished E-Commerce Photographer and Studio Manager To Amplify Its Studio

Posted by Jennifer Sandberg on Mar 1, 2017 10:43:42 AM

Ivey Marketing (Ivey), a Portland-based retail marketing agency specializing in the design and make for branded environments, content creation, and partnership marketing, has tapped Adam Queen to lead its studio and amplify its offering. As Ivey’s Studio Director, Queen oversees the Photography and Post-Production teams, leading a talented collection of photographers, stylists, producers, and post-production / color specialists.

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